Knitting and knowing when to give up

Knitting has taught me a lot about life. One of the most useful lessons that I have learned from knitting is knowing when to give up.  For my most recent projects (socks), I used a bulkier than normal yarn that ended up not winding well and became tangled.   I spent about three hours trying to untangle the yarn before I realized it was a lost cause and my time could be spent on more valuable endeavors (like actually knitting the socks).

It has taken me a long time to learn to choose my battles. It has taken me an even longer time to recognize a losing battle and to learn to give up and move on. Giving myself permission to move on from a losing battle has saved me a lot of heartache and time.  Losing battles can occur in a lot of different situations such as intimate relationships, jobs, friendships etc. In a society that focuses so much on winning, those who choose to walk away from losing battles, are made to feel less than. However, there is a certain strength and type of self love that one must possess in order to walk away. The more comfortable I get with myself and the more sure I recognize my self worth and priorities, the easier it is to  move on.

The socks won’t be as long as I originally wanted because of the yarn. However, they will still be wearable and comfortable. Giving up on losing battle requires the ability to lower expectations and be flexible. This has been hard for me to do, as I often have high expectations and am rigid when I get my mind set on a particular thing. Part of my growth toward self compassion includes allowing myself the grace to recognize that despite my high expectations, the majority of things in my life don’t have to be perfect to bring me happiness and contentment, they just have to be functional.

These are the socks I am working on that are part of the yarn fiasco. I’m trying a new heel with them, more info on that to come.


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