Second Guessing Myself and more hats

I’m lucky. I’ve always been able to process things, rather it be emotions or information at a quick speed . I am also lucky in that I have the flexibility to adjust my feelings, thoughts or actions about something if I am wrong.  Because of this, I am efficient and often finish things at a quicker rate than other people. It took me a long time to not second guess myself when I was finishing projects or papers for school hours (sometimes days) before my peers. I thought that due to being done so quickly, I must be doing something wrong, or missing something. However, when the papers were graded or the projects were finished, I had would have just as good (if not better) success than those around me. As we are now halfway through finals week, I have all of my grading finished. As my colleagues struggle to keep up with papers, etc. I am kicking back with a new book and a knitting project.

It has taken me a long time to get the point where I have the self confidence to be able to enjoy my efficiency and ability to process quickly, rather than be filled with self doubt about what I am doing. As I move into my 40’s in a couple of months, I appreciate my  acceptance and self growth around this area in my life. Ultimately, it minimizes a lot of my anxiety and makes my life easier.

This will be one of my last hat for a bit. The yarn is Brisbane by Queensland Collection. Currently, I am working on a Hitchhiker shawl (which I will hopefully finish by the end of Spring Break).


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