40 truths I’ve learned at 40 (true for me at least)

Recently, I celebrated my 40th birthday. Here are some things that I’ve learned after my trips around the sun.

  1. The healthiest people are those who own their problems/issues and can have a sense of humor when dealing with them.
  2. Eventually, you’ll be miserable if you’re not honest with yourself.
  3. Anything can be therapeutic, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  4. Nothing will set the tone of your day like a great cup of coffee.
  5. People are capable of change (but often choose not to).
  6. Forgiveness is overrated.
  7. Your chosen family is just as important as your birth family.
  8. Learning the service of presence and being able to sit with people in their pain as they process has made me more comfortable in processing my own issues.
  9. Self-Compassion is more important than self-esteem.
  10. Handmade gifts are the best.
  11. Bad choices make good stories.
  12. Learning to say “no” without giving a reason is a great skill.
  13. Always buy tamales when people are selling them door to door.
  14. Traveling alone to a place that you have never been is the fastest way for self-growth.
  15. It’s okay to be angry, as long as you channel your anger into something productive.
  16. Grief is hard and it is sometimes not healed, but managed.
  17. Not everyone will like you.
  18. No one is perfect.
  19. Change really is the only constant.
  20. Read as much as you can.
  21. Saying “fuck” a lot can be a good way to relieve stress.
  22. It doesn’t matter if it is love or lust, they both feel fucking awesome.
  23. Ipads and Kindles are amazing, but nothing beats an actual book.
  24. Clean sheets are a little slice of perfection.
  25. Don’t get caught up with small details, they’ll work themselves out in the end.
  26. Homemade chicken noodle soup tastes better on cold days.
  27. Pound puppies/kitties are the best.
  28. If you are angry at an adult, don’t take it out on their kids (that makes you an asshole).
  29. If you have a hobby that stresses you to too much, drop it. At that point it’s no longer a hobby.
  30. There is no truth, there is just perspective.
  31. The ocean has healing power.
  32. Performing or receiving a single act of kindness can change your day.
  33. There are many different types of intelligence.
  34. Watching a person create art can be extremely sexy.
  35. Popcorn tastes better at the movie theatre
  36. Simple is best in cooking, writing and relationships.
  37. If you’re not sure what to do, kindest is usually the best route.
  38. When given a compliment, a simple “thank you” is the best reply.
  39. All things exist on a continuum, you’ll be happier if you can get yourself out of binary thought.
  40. You can never really have too much sock yarn.

In terms of knitting, most of my recent project have been gifts that I haven’t given out yet. So, instead here is a picture of some TAAT socks I am working on for myself. The yarn is Patons Kroy sock yarn that I picked up at Joanns. With these socks I am trying to new techniques. The first is the Turkish cast on, rather than Judy Becker’s Magic Cast on (in my opinion, the Turkish cast on is a lot easier, it will probably be my new “go to”). For the heel, I am going to try the fish lip kiss heel (FLKH) (I normally do a fleegle heel). I have heard great things about the FLKH, so I am excited to try it.


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