Children and socks

Rarely, do I believe that things are black and white. I am able to find the grey in almost everything. However, when I hear about the children that are separated from their parents, I have no doubt it is wrong. The children are being traumatized. What the United States government is doing to them is a form of genocide. This is a time in history when people will be judged in regards to how they stand on this issue.

I have dedicated my life to helping children that have been traumatized. I will help any of these children without a second thought. But, I know that the best way to deal with trauma is to make sure that it never happens. I have never been a person that has been quiet in my life and I will not be quiet about this issue. My students, my neighbors and my family will hear about this atrocity until it ends.

I recently finished a pair of socks. I used a Turkish Cast-on for the toes and and Fish Lip Kiss for the heel. I think both of them will be my new “go to” in regards to socks.


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