The power of the word “sorry” and the “Finish the dance” cowl.

I preach to my students and clients that fucking up is part of life and that owning your mistakes and trying to minimize their impact is crucial to being a healthy and good human. On Friday, I was in a shop and the clerk asked if I was ready to pay. As my biases about gender stereotyped the clerk as female, I pulled out my debit card and said “Yes, ma’am”. As the clerk was ringing me up, I saw a button on their badge that said “He, Him and His”. I asked if that was their preferred pronouns. The clerk stated that they were. I immediately apologized with a simple “I’m sorry, I misgendered you”. The clerk was very gracious and stated that he appreciated that I recognized my mistake and worked to correct it. Far too often we complicate saying that we are sorry. We want to make excuses for our mistakes, rather than taking ownership of them. Unless asked for, the justification for the mistake lessens the impact of the apology.

As family has been visiting, knitting has been limited. However, I recently received the “Finish the  Dance” cowl kit that commemorates the people that died in the Orlando shooting. For more information about the kit you can the webpage of the amazingly talented Kyle William. Below is the kit after I unpacked it. I am number 41.


One thought on “The power of the word “sorry” and the “Finish the dance” cowl.

  1. That’s cool that you were able to utter the simple apology & not get too embarrassed or flummoxed to.

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