Summer, knit, weave, love

I love summer, especially the sun and the freedom of reading trashy romance novels and not teaching. However, this summer has been a bit difficult. Several weeks ago, I had to put down my beloved dog Frida. Frida was adopted from the pound approximately ten years ago (pound puppies are definitely the best). She was the most wonderful of fur babies. She loved to play, cuddle and lay in the sun.  Frida had a voice and a definite personality. In many ways she was my alter-ego and spirit animal. Even though it has been over two weeks, I still miss her daily. Since her passing, her doggie sister Spaghetti has been having a hard time and seems a bit depressed. I’m guessing that she’ll get another brother/sister soon. The number of people who have reached out with well wishes and sympathy has been overwhelming. There are so many kind people in the world.

Several weeks ago, I bought a heddle loom from Ashford. The loom is lovely and I find that weaving is quite fun (although I doubt it will ever replace my love of knitting and spinning). I find that the rhythm of weaving is calming and I hope to integrate it into my therapy practice soon. I think it would be a good mindfulness activity.

I tried several times to start the “Finish the last dance” cowl. However, I found that with Frida passing and all of the emotional baggage/depression that goes with the Pulse Shooting, I will most likely have to wait until my emotional regulation is a bit better to knit the cowl with the reverence that it should be.

On a positive note, I got braces. They hurt, but I can’t wait to see how they are going to make me feel better about my teeth!

Knitting has been busy. I have been working on socks and hats. I also got the courage up to learn cable thanks to the encouragement of the ever talented Jen Giuntoli. Her fantastic patterns can be found here.

I’ve decided that a new part of my blog posts will be called “Peter’s favorite things” (definitely very Oprah-esque because I love her). Each post I will list five of my favorite things. So, here is the first list:

Peter’s Favorite Things:

  • Biscotti-I love biscotti. It is relatively low sugar and a great treat with a cup of coffee. I use this recipe. Granted, my biscotti consumption has gone way down since my braces, I just make sure that I dip it in coffee to make it soft.
  • Pose is my current addiction. I’ve watched season one twice. The series chronicles the Ball Culture of NYC in the 1980’s. I appreciate that the series doesn’t “whitewash” the ball culture and that they have trans people of color playing trans people of color (this might not seem like a big deal, but it is).
  • Annabeth Albert’s Portland Heat series. I originally started reading this series because of a book called Knit Tight. I’m not really a fan of romance novels, but Albert drew me in with her wonderful writing and using Portland as a backdrop for her stories.
  • Lola Bean Yarn has some of the most beautiful yarn ever. Adella, the owner of the shop is a true artist with her coloring techniques. I have never been anything but ecstatic with all of the yarn I’ve purchased from this company.
  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon Streaming video was a pleasant surprise. John Krasinski of “The Office” fame plays a CIA operative that works to stop a terrorist attack. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to embrace Krasinski as anyone but an apathetic office worker. However, he plays the role quite well. The series is mindless and entertaining.



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